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Air Travel Discounts

Air Travel Discounts: many systems are currently in place in order for Airline passengers to gain a discount on their present or future fare.

The creation of these systems was initiated to combat the extortionate price attached with airline traffic in previous decades. Discounts within these industries are now used to offset the large cost of taxes and duties forced upon passengers nowadays. air travel discounts

The Air Travel Discounts that are handed out by commercial airlines will usually fall into one of these categories:


Vouchers allow for a specific deal to be kept and used at a later date chosen by the recipient of the voucher. Although vouchers appear common, their major drawback is that they tend to carry an expiry date which makes this an unattractive option for most passengers. Physical vouchers have now become obsolete in the industry because of the introduction of e-vouchers by some airlines; this change may have inadvertently caused other airlines to move away from vouchers and to give their customers a custom deal.

Air Miles

This reward/discount system allows for customers to gradually build up points on their account known as “Air Miles”, being nowadays one of the main Air Travel Discounts offered. When using this system the passenger would gain a number of miles which would be a percentage of the distance or cost of the journey (Airline dependant). Once the miles are earned they become usable on any flight tickets purchased after the time and date of the first purchase and could serve to reduce the cost of flying by a significant amount. In recent years this service has become commonplace in the Air travel market and has caused some airlines to start combining discount services.

Early-bird Discount

An early-bird discount is obviously not unique to the airline industry and has been used in most industries from restaurants to package holidays. The usage of the early-bird discount goes unnoticed nowadays because most companies choose to factor-in the discount due to the high levels of popularity in previous years; because of this fact, the early-bird has become a less common form of discount.

Many companies now use an air travel card. It is a great system for corporations today because it allows for all the logs of all air travel conducted by employees of the company to be scrutinized for loss of funds or simply for tax purposes.

Military discount air travel is also afforded to members of the service in addition to the discounts that military personnel receive on items purchased in the base commissary. air travel discounts 3

Air travel is a multi-billion dollar industry and thus can afford to make concessions in their pricing; the discounting promotions are usually aimed at people who regularly travel coach because they are the demographic that would find the prospect of a cheaper journey very enticing.

Many airlines have even been formed around the “low-cost” strategy whereby every bit of non-essential service or product is stripped from the companies’ fleet in order to allow for a massive reduction in overheads that the company would otherwise have to pay out of pocket. air travel discounts 2

Although the reduction in costs would have a knock-on effect by driving in large numbers of customers the service provided by these airlines would be severely affected in every sector. The costs of air travel has significantly lowered over recent years but the safety features of all aircraft must adhere to strict guidelines in order to be authorised for flight from commercial airports because the safety of passengers is paramount.

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