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Air Travel Card

The Air Travel Card is a card that is sponsored by an airline and is usually only valid for purchase of said airlines flight tickets. These cards are usually used by corporations who regularly purchase Air Travel and would like to consolidate their transactions with airlines into a singular corporate account.

Over 250 airlines worldwide accept the Air Travel Card, the card is also known as a “Universal Air Travel Plan” card because it seeks the unification of the purchase of air travel.

There are three different types of account that the card may be designated to, these include:

Co-brand Card

This type of card allows for the combined use of the UATP payment system as well as either VISA or MasterCard which means two entirely different payment methods would be combined into a single card which could allow for purchasing of other goods or services with the same card.

Lodged Account

In this type of account the holder is not issued a card but an account number is generated for the purpose of buying flight tickets. This means that when the company attempted to purchase tickets the account number would simply be quoted and used for the transaction. Usually the account number would be given to a trusted travel agent in order to increase ease of use between the subscriber and the UATP system.

UATP Walking Card

This type of card would allow for the subscriber to issue a card to an employee who regularly needs to travel; the account would essentially work in the same way as a card less account but would allow for cards to be used by employees who need them. This account option is only usable for airline flight tickets thus meaning the cards of the account can be issued to employees without any fretting about the possibility of large charges being levied against the subscriber.

The Air Travel Card is a great system for corporations today because it allows for all the logs of all air travel conducted by employees of the company to be scrutinized for loss of funds or simply for tax purposes.

The card helps companies to gain discounts on the journeys made by their employees because the more travel undertaken the greater the discount on future purchases. The service charges on top of the flight ticket are minimal because UATP merchants pay no membership fee.

Transactions made via UATP can be authorized twenty-four hours a day seven days a week so that travel tickets can be bought by corporations at the time they require. A few of the measures used by UATP to guarantee authorization are address verification as well as velocity checks and expiry date verification.

Ticket data is also kept securely on UATP servers and is output onto an invoice after a purchase has been authorized. In conclusion, the “Air Travel Card” is a great investment for international corporations because in the long run it would help the company to save greatly on all international travel.

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