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Travel Tips For Packing Luggage

These travel tips for packing luggage will prevent you from having your luggage lost between flights and also avoid paying extra fees for exceeding weight.

1. The most important tip amongst travel tips for packing luggage is other than putting your name and contact information outside your bag (it seems obvious, but nowadays many people just don'tdo it, trusting the airlines stickers are enough), put it inside your baggage too. In case of lost baggage, it will be easier to identify it.

2. Do not put valuable items on your checked bag. If you really have to do it, consider a travel insurance that covers it. Otherwise, put all your valuable belongings inside your cabin bag. In the case you don't want to put jewelry and/or money all inside your personal bag, there are many solutions, such as money belts and other.

3. Organize your belongings. Separate them before packing so that you can be sure that your documents, itinerary and air ticketes are inside your hand bag and ready for use. Do not put anything related to tickets and reservation numbers you will need during the trip inside checked bags.

4. Usually, the boring person is the one which gets what he/she wants. Don't be afraid to double check the ticket the airline person just attached to your luggage. Control if it shows all connections you are supposed to do and the correct final destination.

5. Even if it is tedious, pack a change of clothes in your carry on bag. In the case your luggage may delay, you will be able to take a shower and feel comfortable.

How to avoid losing your luggage

6. For me, one of the most useful travel tips for packing luggage is to add something to your bag that makes it easily recognizable, such as a coloured ribbon or adhesive. It is common to have someone else picking up your luggage as his/hers by being similar. It is even easier if the person is from a group and has many bags on a trolley.

Tip: choose the most different suitcase you can. It will be easier to be found on the conveyor, in the case it misses your flight and it is less probable it can be confused with a similar one by a distract passenger.

7. As soon as you arrive at the airport from your plane, check the carousel with your flight number and pay attention to all luggage as they come out, to avoid it being stolen. Quite no airports use to check the baggage ticket with its owner and so it is a risk. As some airlines use to scan all the bags they put on the carousel, in the case it may happen, they will not be responsible.

How to avoid paying extra fees for exceeding weight

8. Prepare your luggage all together. Just put all you need on your bed (or wherever you prefer) and then place it inside the bag. Avoid keeping the bag opened and add things slowly. You will finish having too much weight and missing important things. travel tips for packing luggage

9. Remember that shoes use to weight, so as jackets and some kind of fabric. Weight each piece with your hand before placing it into the bag, asking yourself mentally if you really need that garment. Most of the times we take much more than we need into our baggage.

10. Prepare the clothes just like you intend to use them, like this t-shirt is to be used with these pants and so on. If you're going to make a short trip, it will be even easy to choose, while preparing the baggage, the clothes you are going to use day by day. It will avoid taking a lot of t-shirts and pants that you will not even have the time to use.

11. Remember that, in the remote case you need some extra garments...you can buy it!


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