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Private Jet Rentals

Private Jet Rentals: the ultimate in luxury and convenience. How many times have you dreamed about travelling on a private jet?

If you’re anything like me you’ve had many a dream about being able to afford private jet rentals.

Who hires private planes and why? The first group are what you would expect: the rich and famous. Musicians, film stars, celebrities, high ranking politicians and wealthy businessmen. To rent a plane is like a second nature to these people, they either rent or they’ve got their own! private jet rentals

The second group consists mainly of groups of people. Businessmen flying to a conference; groups of well off holiday makers, socialites. The reason that they all hire is that it can be convenient, luxurious and for a group they can be cheaper than flying Business Class on a regular, commercial flight. Add in time saving, not having to wait around for normal flights and the prestige of flying privately and you know why people want to travel in this way!

You might think though that if you fly privately that you have no real choice and that you’re limited to a basic 6-8 seater. Wrong! Top companies often have a range of upwards of 50 or 60 different aircraft to choose from.

These go from the King Air 300 Inter Regional which holds 6-7 ,to the Gulf Stream V Cross Continental holding 14-16 people to the Boeing Cross Continental which carries between 178-250 passengers!

Enough, I’m sure you’ll agree, for the biggest conference. So how much does luxury and convenience cost. As with most good things their prices are shrouded in mystery. No prices are published; if you want to hire you specify your exact requirements and ask for a quote.

The more you want the more you pay. The way to hire your private jet is by phone, via their websites or via snail mail. Whichever way you decide to hire you’ll be met by a courteous, efficient response. You’ll be made to feel special. Enjoy!

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