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Medical Insurance for Travel

A Medical Insurance for Travel isn't amongst your ideas while buying your tickets or airtravel package?

Half of U.S. travelers heading to another country will experience a health problem according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

These are only numbers, but probably if you pay attention to your family's last trips you will notice that you probably spent some money for health problems, for a delayed luggage or for a ticket you had to cancel at the last minute.

Don't think about important things, but about the daily ones. Last December, while in vacation, my 25 year son had a muscle contraction while playing soccer.

medical insurance for travel

A silly thing, but he could not walk. We had to go to an orthopedic doctor who gave him the medicine which permitted him to recover in a couple of days.

I felt comfortable being able to take him to a private clinic and having an immediate medical visit. I then asked for a regular receipt to be reimbursed when back home. Add the fact his luggage delayed and he had to buy first needs and spent about $ 100...which are going to be reimbursed the same, as we had a global policy for travel.

Some companies offer even a special service to contact in case of need, considering you may not be able to speak the local language or may ignore where to go, when looking for quality medical care abroad.

You shouldn't think it regards older people, as to encounter new cultures, climates and environments can tire out you, weakening your body making it more prone to illness or unpleasant diseases.

Fortunately it quite never happens, but a medical insurance for travel usually covers even a hospital stay. Think about how much value this kind of safety may have for you, and you will probably notice that its value is much higher than the premium asked for it.


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