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Children Luggage

Children luggage is considered the same as adult baggage regarding carry on restrictions and checked bag weight.

If you are travelling with an infant (who will not have a seat, but will have to stay in your arms if there are no free seats) or a child, they are supposed to have the same allowance for luggage weight as a regular passenger.

Regarding the carry on luggage, remember that everything will have to go through the X-ray machine. If your child is old enough to walk by him/herself, it would be useful to find a children rolling luggage, so that they can take it themselves, leaving you more able to deal with security controls and other belongings.

If your child begins to understand some statements, explain him/her about how your trip is going to be, telling like a story everything you are really going to do, including putting the bag on the X-ray, taking off jackets and maybe boots while passing the screening control. It will make things much more easier to you.

Depending on the age of your child, you will probably need to take milk or baby formulas with you into the cabin. In this case, you will have to declare it for inspection at security check point. The same goes for creams or any liquid, cream or gel with more than 100ml/3oz. children luggage

Recently the TSA has modified the rules regarding breast milk. Mothers are permitted to bring breast milk even if not flying with their child (always as it is declared for inspection at the security checkpoint), as it is in the same category as liquid medications. The Security Officers may test liquid exemptions for explosives and they may ask you to open the container during screening control.

A good idea regarding children luggage is to pack into your child bag any kind of gadget that may serve to distract him all over the flight time. Their favorite snacks, amusements and toys are a great resource while seat in a plane for some hours.

If your child still fits a stroller, take it with you! You will be able to keep it until the plane door, and make plenty use of it. It will serve to carry a lot of your stuff and your child will have a comfort place to nap. Even if your child seem grown up, the long walks and waits into the airport would tire out him/her.


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