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Cheap Dog Kennels

There are many cheap dog kennels to choose from. Keep in mind that most airlines will only allow your travel kennel if your pet can easily move inside it, sit and stand with ease.

While looking for cheap dog kennels, there are some characteristics you should pay attention to, such as size, in the case your pet is small and can travel in cabin with you. In this case, the carry-on kennel should fit under a seat.

Consider your pet must be able to turn around while inside the carrier, and that it will stay inside for the whole trip. Put a sock or a t-shirt so that it can feel familiar and consequently,less stressed with the trip.

If your pet is small enough to travel with you in the cabin, call your airline to check the space under the seat in front of you, where you will have to place the carrier. Remember that it counts as hand luggage.

Giant-size kennels will only be accepted as cargo, not even as checked baggage. In the case your pet travel as checked baggage, it won't come out on the baggage carousels, but will be delivered through the special luggage gate.

Usually the airlines do not accept pets that are less than 8 weeks old. Check with your airline about the documents you will need to present to avoid last time unplesant surprises. Depending on where you're travelling to, some extra vacinations may be requested.

Airlines state that the carrier must close securely with a mechanism that requires no special tools to operate. APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) regulations require that the kennel have projecting rims or spacers to ensure that the kennel’s ventilation slats cannot be blocked by adjoining kennels or cargo.

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