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Cheap Airline Seats

The cheap airline seats are usually less comfortable than regular airline ones. It depends on the low cost airlines policy as these companies need to cut all extra expenses.

But how this policy affects the accommodations? Very simple: low cost companies choose the simpler model that needs less care. Famous and successful low cost companies such as Ryan Air use seats that cannot change position nor have any bag to put your belongings and newspapers.

Why? Because this way they do not need people to clean up all these bags between flights, with a low expense with this service and allowing short stops on airports.

Recently Ryan Air, the Irish low cost airline, published the photos of the stand places for short haul flights. Passangers are going to rest on a kind of plinth, allowing even cheaper tickets.

This policy will allow a major number of passengers by airplane and occupied half of the space needed for a regular row.

cheap airline seats 1

If you need to rest during your flight, check with other companies trying to match good price with a minimum of comfort, as other low cost companies have regular accommodations that can be regulated or layed down to a rest position.

While travelling with cheap airline seats, prepare your rest taking a cushion with you. It will give your neck a place to rest on making your trip more comfortable.


If you choose a low cost airline, you probably choose not to check any luggage, taking a trolley with you. In this case, these space saver bags will help you arrange your belongings into a small suitcase.

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