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Cheap Air Fare Tickets

Most people look for cheap air fare tickets while planning a trip. Excluding those who fly in business or 1st class, you are going to travel using the same seats no matter you pay 500 or 800. So, why pay more?

While looking for cheap air fare tickets I use to have my own criteria: trustful travel sites. I use to buy my air tickets from Expedia.com, but have also already used Lastminute.com and Travelocity.com as online travel agencies.

There are many cheap ariline tickets websites on the Internet, but, personally, I do not trust them so much. I am going to use my credit card spending an important amount of money and I just need to know that there's someone I can trust on the other side of my monitor.

It is the same thing that happens outside the net, we just have to be cautious, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy through the Internet. Why not? It is the best way to buy nowadays, especially tickets and vacations!

You can buy directly from the airline website too, but depending on the airline, it will not offer the cheapest rate, even if selling the same seats of the same plane.

Some airlines offer a higher (even if sometimes it is just a little bit) rate, such as TAP Portugal and Iberia. Air France website has instead the same rate you can find in most web travel agencies, offering a large list of choices, especially if you're looking for a long haul flight.

The most common path to a cheap ticket is a low cost airline. These new companies based their business not on seats sales revenues, but on ancillary products such as hotels reservations, train or bus tickets and extra services like checked baggage or boarding priority. They use to have only one airplane model to allow crew to work at all planes without problems, and they also use to buy fuel months (or years) before, having a high power of negotiation regarding prices.

Knowing that, you now know that they are safe the same, even with so low prices.

cheap air fare tickets

A couple of months ago a journalist published a research where he stated that the better rates with low cost companies are those 2 months before the departing date. The low cost companies answered it was not true and I could check that it isn't that exact, as I saw my tickets with a lower (even if small difference) rate before and after the "two month" period.

To buy cheap air fare tickets with a low cost company is only convenient if you buy it al least some days or weeks before your flight date. You can even find good rates in low season, but during high season the rates close to departure date are going to be pretty the same as other airlines.

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