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Airline Luggage Weight

The airline luggage weight allowed usually is from 50lbs to 70lbs (20 kgs to 32 kgs). It depends on the company, the kind of ticket and if it is a domestic or international flight.

Usually the low cost companies will charge for any checked baggage, as they have different policies and to offer a low cost ticket, they ask you to pay for any extra service you may need.

Some airlines will allow you a luggage weight of 70lbs, but if it happens to weight anything more, you will have to divide it in two baggages. It is due to craft unions statements that do not allow any operator to handle and lift a single baggage that weights more than 70lbs (32kgs).

Try to avoid having to desperately unpack and pack your luggage again on the floor by the checking counter!

airline luggage weight
It happened to me to have a big suitcase that was a little over 70lbs(32kgs). Even if I was quite willing to pay extra fees, the operator said they couldn't really accept and that I had to find another bag to divide my belongings. As I insisted on paying for the extra lbs, he answered it was going to be something around $ 250 for 5lbs because of the union craft statement. I was lucky enough to find a shop close to the counters and have my daughter with me to help dividing the things.

Some few airlines (usually for US domestic flights) will consider a number of pieces for allowed baggage, even if the major part (and all IATA affiliates) continue to consider lbs and kgs. If you have a lot of heavy bags you should check with your airline first to avoid unplesant surprises at the airport while checking in.

Remember to pack any sharp object you may have, as they are not allowed in your carry on luggage.

Pay attention to what's stated at IATA website regarding what some governments have directed that for safety reasons, all knives, sharp objects or cutting implements of any kind and of any length, whether of metal or other material, and some sporting goods must be packed in checked baggage. They cannot be carried in the cabin baggage nor on your person.

If you are travelling with a child, he/she will have the same rights regarding baggage, even if he/she is paying less than an adult. The same happens to infants that do not have a seat but are allowed a 50-70lbs(20-32kgs) suitcase as a regular passengers.

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