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Airline Luggage Size

The airline luggage size was something people didn’t worry much since the ticket prices became more popular and planes began to fly often complete.

Until then, major airlines used to have a weight limit for checked baggage, that included a tollerance of 10 to 15% naturally. Carry on luggage had quite no limits, as women used to take beauty cases aboard, other than personal bags, photographic cameras and some last minute shopping bags from free shops at the airport. airline luggage size

Lately, also dued to terroristic episodes, much more attention was given to luggage limits, especially for carry on luggage limits.

Another reason is the low cost companies that have extra earnings from last minute checked baggage. They use to check baggages close to boarding gates, giving no choice for the passengers which have extra weight on carry on luggage than to check it in paying three times what it costs doing it while booking online.

The best guiding line to avoid problems at the airport is to check rules and limits with your airline. Unfortunately they have different limits from one airline to another that can cause you confusion.

An example? In Europe, 2 major low cost companies have different approaches to carry on baggage: Ryan Air only allows one piece (personal bag and photo machines must fit in) with maximum 8kgs/17.6lbs. They stop you by the boarding gate and if you have more than this, you have to check your hand luggage there with extra cost.

Easyjet instead, gives you only a size limit: your luggage must fit a metal box they have at the airport close to metal detector. They say they don't care about the weight if you are able to put it on the overlead lockers by yourself.

An average airline luggage size for your carryon luggage is a measure of total 115cm or 45 in (you should make a sum of all measures).

Take care about your checked baggage, due to syndicate rules, no luggage can weight more than 32kgs/70.5lbs. Many airlines allow even more weight, but divided in two or more pieces.

It’s important to check it before going to the airport, as even if you don't feel like going back to buy another luggage and decide to pay the extra fee for exceeding weight, it is going to be a high sum, as they do not follow any proportion, as they really want to avoid any weight over this limit.

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