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Airline Luggage Restrictions

Airline Luggage Restrictions became more severe recently, and you should prepare your baggage carefully to avoid unpleasant situations, as having your perfume being thrown away, as it is not allowed any liquid recipient with more than 100ml/3 ounce.

These rules changed recently regarding carry on bags. Each passenger can take a small clear plastic bag with perfumes, shampoos and anything liquid or in paste form. None of these can contain more than 100ml/0.16oz. If you have a larger bottle that is quite finished, it won't be allowed.

Eye drops, saline solution, prescription and nonprescription medicine and personal lubricants are allowed. Liquids and gels like shampoo, suntan lotion, creams and toothpaste that more than 100ml/3 ounce are allowed only in checked baggage.

airline luggage restrictions

Drinks, liquids and gels bought in airport shops inside the security checkpoints can be carried into passenger cabins.

You cannot take any sharp object into your cabin bag. They should be packed into your checked baggage.

No sporting goods are permitted on carry on bags. All they should be part of your checked bag too. Guns and firearms are usually permitted into checked baggage, but it is always better to check with your airline first.

If you are travelling with your computer, prepare yourself to open the suitcase and separe the laptop from its bag each time you have to pass a metal detector control.

Prepare your luggage to be ready to easily open it for control whenever you will be asked for. Put all your small liquid containers inside a plastic bag while preparing your baggage, to avoid doing that in the middle of a queue in the airport, as some controllers won't let you pass if you do have your plastic bag by the hand.

Do your best to accelerate control time. The operators are doing their best to assure our safety trip, and if we prepare our luggage and ourselves for a quick control the queues are going to run faster for everybody.

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