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Airline Lost Luggage

An airline lost luggage is something not to wish to anybody, especially if it happens when you're arriving at destination. When it happens coming back home it isn't good the same, but at least you should have left some clothes at home, what don't happens when you're just arriving for a vacation.

It is considered an airline lost luggage the moment the conveyor belt stops and your bags didn't show up at the claim carousel. Yes, it's uncomfortable. The moment you understand your bags aren't there, go straight to the lost & found counter as usually there are some other people in your same situation and soon you will have a queue.

When it's your turn you can be lucky enough to hear that your luggage has already been found and will be reaching you with the next flight (many airports immediately inform the system that a luggage did not embark).

Otherwise you will be asked to describe your baggage and fill up a complaint with your contact information. They promise to contact you as soon as they know something about your baggage.

airline lost luggage

It is not pleasant at all, but take it easy because nowadays about 98% of the airline lost luggage is found and delivered to their owners. The airport and company staff say it happens because airports are so crowd and when a baggage looses its ticket, they need time to identify it.

Usually the airport takes care of the first two days after your arrival. After this period, the airline of your last flight will be responsible for it, even if it was lost during the first flight with another company.

Asking for reimbursement after an airline lost luggage

When you buy a ticket, you are signing a contract. Nobody reminds you while selling you that ticket, but it is a real contract.

Consider that each contract has its own clauses, and it'd be better to check your airlines policies regarding lost baggage. Usually they use to reimburse something around $ 100/€ 100 for delayed luggage.

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This covers your first needs while waiting for your baggage: pay attention to keep all the receipts in order to receive your refund. Do not expect reimbursements for things that aren't first needs (you buy 5 t-shirts instead of 1) as companies tend to be severe with these expenses.

Unfortunately, many companies have also vague behaviours regarding first needs refund. They may send you to the central shop to have it, where they will then tell you to send it over with ordinary mail to main offices. They use to make a long way to reimbursement that many times, when receiving the own baggage the next days, people do not insist in being reimbursed as they do not feel like spending valuable vacation time from one office to another. And when you are back home, first needs refund time is expired.

Obviously it is different if your airline declares your luggage is definitely lost. It will happen only about 45 days after your trip, even if this lapse of time may vary from company to company. Also in this case it is useful to check your airline policies regarding lost luggage.

Remember they will refund you respecting the laws, not absolutely following your needs. You can assure them you had $ 10.000 value into that bag, but they will only pay what is stated in a law or contract. Usually in the US they refund for about $ 3,000, in Europe for about € 1,000. They do not consider what you would spend to buy everything at current costs, but the cost of used clothes.

Fortunately the percentage of definitely airline lost luggage is as low as 2% and if you pay attention to these simple tips, you may avoid this happening to you.


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