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Air Travel Web Sites

There are a variety of air travel web sites that can help in the planning of air travel. By entering travel dates, times and destinations you can quickly find the available options with prices from the airlines that can provide the required services.

Checking all these options can be time consuming and complicated by flexible travel dates which can give you even more options. One of the air travel sites is a mega-search site that includes many other travel sites.

Mega-search sites link to booking travel sites and these can be checked individually to see if the same results occur.

air travel web sites

One drawback to travel sites is that regional airlines are often excluded and one way to get around this is to check the airport web site to help identify regional carriers that might have flights at a more reasonable cost.

In addition to web sites that provide information other than simply making flight reservations, there are travel websites that offer travel advice and reviews. One needs to find reliable web sites whose recommendations are not fake as this tends to be the case with such web sites.

Fake reviews are typically biased and off-color and if photographs are provided along the review, then the chances are increased that the review is more authentic. There are some air travel web sites that are more comprehensive in nature and have information not only on airline flights but hotels, restaurants and even vacation property rentals.

These also offer the ability to adjust airfares to include baggage fees and other in-flight services that will be used during the trip. Managing travelers’ itineraries is another type of air travel web site.

These sites create one master itinerary of all your flights, hotel arrangements and other travel accommodations and then this itinerary is easily accessible from a computer or mobile device. The service is free and handles all the information once all confirmation emails have been sent in for flights, hotels and other reservations.

The itinerary is assembled and accompanied by maps, directions, weather information and other useful tips. One specific type of air travel web site provides information about seating. It has the plans of over 700 airlines and identifies the best and worst seats and those with potential drawbacks.

Better seats may have more legroom while lesser quality seats may be narrower in width, tray tables in armrests rather than in the seat in front and no storage on the floor. This can help to guarantee a more comfortable flight.

General air travel information can also be found on a country’s department of transportation web site. These would provide information on travel restrictions and regulations that should be followed while travelling by air.

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