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Air Travel Regulations

New air travel regulations have been issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration that affect all domestic and international travellers and are designed to provide for the safety of all passengers that fly the nation’s airlines.

These new air travel regulations may cause further delays in getting checked in at airports and passengers may need to change their travel habits to some extent in order to make their flights.

One of the new ones is that passengers will only be able to take onto the plane one carry-on bag of luggage and one personal item such as a briefcase or purse. air travel regulations 1

Screening procedures have become more extensive and are now dependent on the conditions of national security at the time of flight. Passengers should contact their airline to find out how early to arrive at the airport before departure.

Curbside access and baggage check-in are now limited at airports and allowed based on the individual airline. The airline should be contacted ahead of time to see if curbside check-in is allowed at the airport.

Air travel regulations also require that passengers have one form of picture identification issued by the government that may be shown at various points of check-in such as when checking tickets and at the gate. It is also important to have a boarding pass on hand with you at all times. air travel regulations 2

Passengers who hold electronic tickets should confirm with their airline that they have the proper documentation. Additional documentation such as a letter from the airline verifying the reservation may be required. In addition, only passengers with tickets are allowed beyond the checkpoints used for screening.

There may be exceptions for people with special needs or parents who need to accompany their children to the gate. Laptops and cell phones may be subject to additional screening and laptops may have to be removed from their cases so each can be verified separately.

Any metal objects carried, such as keys, also need to be removed before passing through the metal detector and be checked separately. At the gate, travellers are required to present their picture identification along with their boarding pass.

Passengers should be aware of the fact that they and their bags could be screened again at any time. Bags should always be kept under personal control at all times and any unattended items should be reported immediately to airline personnel. Federal air marshals are again being used on certain flights and are armed and wear plain clothes; this is to provide for added security.

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